All about me...

"What can I say, I love books!"


B. M. Whitton was born in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Suffering, admonishing parents insisted on a daily basis that telling lies was wrong, however once the alphabet was mastered, the daily storytelling became an acceptable art form. 


B.M.'s inspiration comes from lending a voice to those who don’t have one: the underdog, the undefended, the pariahs, the victims. Her first published story, The Red Tides (Specul8, Central Queensland Journal of Speculative Fiction, issue #2), was awarded the Editor’s High Commendation. 


B.M.'s work is all about exploring human behaviour under extreme circumstances and bringing awareness to delicate and complex social issues using comedy, the absurd, the ridiculous, and the dark that resides in the marginal corners of society.

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