Prompted Stories in a Bottle

An anthology of short stories

Do you enjoy walking on the beach? Well, be on the lookout as you might find something very special coming your way, inside a glass bottle. 

I'll post more information on this project soon, so stay tuned. 

The Red Robin

A Dystopian story

Rosa is transported from a rural village in El Salvador to Queensland, Australia, as a political slave.

Vince is the most powerful person in the world.

These two people are responsible for the end of the world... If you listen carefully, they'll tell you their story. 

Jack of Enon Chapel


Jack has always lived in misery, running wild in the streets of Victorian London, snatching corpses with his ruthless old man, who even sells the corpses of his own dead children. But during a "cleaning" of Enon Chapel, Jack meets a singular creature, a man-made angel, who will change the course of his life for ever... 

© 2017 by B.M. Whitton. All rights Reserved.