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What is time?

Time has always preoccupied me. Not in a bad way, but it's always in the back of my mind. How does time work? Is it only a human construct? But it moves for everybody and everything: pets, plants, fruits, water. Is it a type of movement? Is it space in action? Does it exist in a continuum, linear manner or in a circular pattern? Does it exist all at once, never passing, or does it only exist once and once a moment passes, it's gone forever?

Here's a little exercise on thinking about time... a little poem:

The Ways I Measure Time:

These are the ways in which I measure time…

In interminable minutes of hot, muggy, relentless boredom.

In birthday days, and birthday months: ours, always ours.

In full moon cycles,

--usually, when I miss you the most.

In long, sleepless nights,

and cycles of anxiety,

which drag me down the weeks…

--always the same week--

… back to tired, identical Mondays.

In seconds lost, away from you.

In ransomed kisses, interrupted, abandoned, or just forgotten,

and exhausting seasons of loneliness.

In days of oppressive silence. I count those...

How about you? How do you measure time? What is time for you?

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